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First of all, I did a search and did not find anything on this problem. If this is a duplicate, please let me know and delete it.

My iPhone 12 (non Pro) doesn’t always display the Lock Screen controls. I have tried several ways to repeat/cause this problem, but I’ve been unsuccessful. It’s one of those fun intermittent things.
I can tell you for certain:
Remote is the only app running on my iPhone when this happens.
"Lock Screen controls (beta) is set to “Yes” when this happens
I’m not using the iPhone as an Endpoint - only as Remote for a Bluetooth transmitter (aptX HD, no less). No other Endpoints are active at the same time (mornings).
The only way I can get the Lock Screen controls back is to toggle them off, and then back on.
NOTE: I have been having issues with various apps (not Roon Remote) on my iPhone locking it up since the last two iOS updates (this is also an issue with three other iPhones in my house, so not isolated to my iPhone). The only way to fix it is to kill all apps, shut down, and boot my iPhone “clean”.
Everything is at the latest build: Core and Windows/Mac Remote 1.8 (build 931); Bridge 1.8 (build 918)

Screenshots attached. If there’s anything I can do to test further or additional details needed, please let me know (there are no Android mobile in this house).

Lock Screen controls are on:

Lock Screen controls don’t display; have to toggle them off:

Toggle Lock Screen controls back on:

Lock Screen controls now display again:

iPhone version:

Could you elaborate on this a bit?

@AMP , I’d be glad to, but it’s unrelated to the problem (I believe). A Pi 4B (DietPi, hardwired from a TP-Link switch) running Bridge, feeds a 24/192 DAC which is connected to a 1Mii Bluetooth transmitter. I listen on B&W PI7 wireless IEM’s while exercising each morning. Thanks for your response.

@AMP , same problem this morning. I started Roon, started music in this Zone, no lock screen controls. The more I watch it, the more I realize how often the Lock Screen controls aren’t displaying. They continually disappear, requiring toggle off/on to use them again.
EDIT: I had to toggle the Lock Screen controls off/on 4 times during this mornings listen (45 minutes) to keep them visible. It’s interesting that I hadn’t been using them for so long since they weren’t displaying, I had forgot about them. It’s only recently a friend prompted me “Why aren’t you using them?”. Ahh, very good question. :slight_smile:

Included the screenshot anyway - no controls. Toggle off/on fixed the problem, and I now have my Lock Screen controls again.

I don’t have details but can say same for me. I forgot Roon had screen controls until recently it popped on and I was surprised.

I assume I am running other apps that block Roon or something.

@RobOK , this is the same situation I have. I hadn’t seen Lock Screen controls for so long, I forgot about them. I will restate that it doesn’t matter if I have an app running at the same time (either an app or Remote in the background) or not, I can’t seem to keep Lock Screen controls running/visible for any determinate length of time.

@AMP , I am also getting this screen from time to time. Usually quitting Remote and opening it again fixes this problem. FWIW, typically it’s just blank. Not sure why it shows a URL this morning.

I have a hunch of what’s going on here. Lock screen controls are managed by iOS and are associated with the app that currently has control over the device’s audio outputs. In order to make them work with Roon remote we essentially tell iOS that we’re going to be sending audio to the phone’s output and that’s what allows us to hook into the controls.

An issue arises when another app wants to play audio. iOS absolutely allows this and when that happens the controls get assigned to the “other” app and in many cases don’t get returned to us. This is an os-level issue that we cannot control.

In your case it looks like a website (2mdnDOTnet) was playing audio. From some googling it would appear that this is a service linked to doubleclick that (among other annoying things) provides autoplay ad media for websites.

You could try an ad blocker app which would solve the annoying autoplay ads problem and probably improve your experience with lockscreen controls.

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@AMP , thanks for the response. As for that URL playing audio, it may have been another app that was running at the same time today. Appreciate the tips; I’ll manage to keep the Lock Screen controls working as needed. I can always use Web Extensions, which are far faster than the iPhone app for basic functionality. Cheers.

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