iPhone / iOS as RAAT source to streaming DAC

Roon sounds great. But is locked into my home system. I listen to music on iPhone to streaming chord DACs on the road / holiday.
Without replicating all of roon is there a way to implement a iOS layer / app that transmits by RAAT?

Airplay is ‘ok’ but not Comparable

Hi @DarkwingDuck and welcome to the Roon forum. there are a few ways to achieve this kind of thing, but they all require a local core of some kind. My minimal setup requires a laptop, phone and Bluetooth headphones. I’ll take a BT speaker for longer trips, and even an external DAC and better headphones for 5 days+. They all require a laptop core and a local network though and it’s the reproduction kit (speakers, DACs and headphones) that add bulk.

Could you say a bit more about what you’re looking to do? Roon in a hotel room or around a holiday apartment is quite feasible. Genuinely mobile Roon’s a popular wish list item but there’s nothing to suggest an imminent arrival of the feature.


What I was alluding to was iPad or iPhone streaming to either my chord Hugo /2go or Poly Mojo combination using RAAT not airplay which I find sounds far less lively and vibrant, without having to lug a roon core with me.

When I head off I just grab a little pre packed gym bag, t shirt, underwear, in ear headphones, phone, and the best version of myself I can find.

So an app that can stream saved music on phone by RAAT would be great

What you’re after is Roon mobile and is one of the oldest and most discussed feature requests. If you do a quick site search you’re not alone.

Company is always good
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction