iPhone (iOS) Playlists don't 'play from here'

The settings are in place for playlists to ‘play from here’. All they do is play the selected song and then go to Radio. There is no menu item for ‘play from here’ offered.

This is new behaviour despite not having changed any settings.

Thanks for the heads up. I thought I had seen mention of this but it annoyed me quite a bit this weekend.

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Was just about to post a new support thread, but this one came up as relevant.

So, just chiming in to say I’m having the same issue, and maybe this will bubble it up to the top of the queue.

Thought i was losing my mind, because the feature used to be there, and now it’s not.


It’s been fixed on my system by the latest update. It was mentioned in a slightly cryptic way in the release notes.


My iPhone was still on Build 918 and it didn’t show that there was an update (even though all the other devices updated to 923).

No updates in the queue in my phone’s software update, either.

Manually went to the Apple iOS app store and searched for Roon and it showed an update.

Updated and all is well.


No problem, I am happy to have ‘play from here’ back. Just hoping it’s here to stay.

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