iPhone landscape mode


Is there any plan to enable landscape mode for the iPhone remote app ? I currently use Airplay mirroring to show the display on my 16:9 TV - it allows people in the house to know what I am playing as I wander around with my phone in my pocket (how cool is that by the way?) But the mirroring would work better in 16:9 if the iPhone app had a landscape option. iPad wouldn’t solve this is a sits fixed at 4:3 ratio…

It’s not a big issue, but it would enable me to show off Roon with more panache :slight_smile:

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Have you tried the iPad app? It is full landscape UI.

I can’t comment on Roon development, but just wondered as an alternative …
If you have a PC or MacMini connected to your TV you could install Roon running in Remote mode and set it the zone that you are listening to and then put it into “screen saver mode”.

Then your TV would display what you’re listening to in 1080p.

And if not: Android tablets a-plenty on the cheap, running Roon in 16:9 landscape.

But that would be 4:3 landscape as that is the display ratio of all Ipads right ?

Android 16:9 would work I guess but I would have to physically attach the tablet to the TV as there is no airplay mirroring

Yes, that’s a possibility, but requires an investment in a mac mini or PC. As always I was looking for a simple DIY solution !