iPhone output from Tidal MQA source comes through as high quality instead of lossless signal path

Roon Core Machine

My core is running on Ubuntu with 8gb ram.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

My setup is all wireless connected throughout the using, using Unify access points.

Connected Audio Devices

On my core, I have a audio quest dragon fly connected with USB directly to the core, which then goes out to my amplifier. This works fantastic.

Number of Tracks in Library

I’m mostly using Tidal as source, so this is on demand.

Description of Issue

If I use my iPhone as output device, then the signal path indicates: “High quality”, and not lossless. I’ve added a screenshot of the signal path below:

I’m actually hoping to get at least lossless to the iPhone, or if I plug in the audioquest dragonfly, I should even be getting MQA support.

Any suggestions?

You won’t get “lossless” when playing out your iPhone’s speakers. That’s because iOS resamples everything to 48kHz.

Connect your Dragonfly to your iPhone, set it to renderer only, enable MQA core decode in Roon and all will work as expected.


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