iPhone remote in 1.2? [Indeed]

Since 1.2 is in testing I assume the feature set is locked. Is an iPhone app part of the upcoming 1.2 release or will it be part of the next build?

Please not I am not asking about a date, but which release it is scheduled.


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The fact that 1.2 is in testing does not mean the feature set is locked! There have already been features which were delayed or brought forward in previous releases.

Nothing is certain until 1.2 is approved for public release!

I think it is certain that the features on the roadmap for 1.3 won’t be in 1.2 at this point. :slightly_smiling:

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It hasn’t yet reached alpha but as Ludwig says it doesn’t mean it won’t. Team Roon are on it though so it is a “when” question not an “if” question.

We are into the notoriously unpredictable “finishing/polishing” phase on this project. We are planning to put it into alpha next week and see how it does. Whether it goes out with 1.2 depends largely on the volume/nature of the feedback we get in Alpha, and whether major problems are unearthed.

If we can get it stable/polished enough by the time 1.2 goes out the door, it will go out with 1.2–that is what I am hoping happens. Otherwise, we’ll release it as soon as it’s ready.

I can’t wait until it is out the door–it is a MAJOR hole in the product, and something that we are constantly apologizing about. It will be nice to move past that.


If you need some tester dont be shy to ask :wink:

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Thanks, @brian . That is a very direct answer, much appreciated. I did not know Roon considered it to be a major hole in the product. That is encouraging. I’d encourage you to focus on functionality for an iphone remote rather than polishing. Polishing is never finished, at least not in my work.

Good news Brian , anyone with an iPhone would be glad to help out with testing ( me included !) . I have to use my iPad Pro for control as the other 2 household iPads are not up to speed . You can imagine the poor WAF :smirk:

Even if it is just a remote control for now would be brilliant


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Any further developments with this , Brian ? It would be a great addition to the Roon feature set .
(I)Phone control is already available with Apple Music , Vox, Sooloos , Squeezebox and others and would be a big help to anyone without a current iPad .


Just wait and see. :wink:

Flippin’ beta-testers get all the best gigs ! :relaxed:

It’s a double edged sword mind … it’s the first place [outside of Roon] that Roon crashes and it’s quite a bumpy ride … not for the faint hearted.