iPhone remote won't allow play to the right audio device

After making my firewall aware of roon, my iPhone connects to the Roon Core on my P50 laptop. However, it only allows the core to play to the speakers on my laptop,

If I run Roon on the laptop itself, I can play the digital file on my audio device - a Bryston BDP-3 media player made “Roon Ready” on the network, and thus to my home stereo system.

I find that the Roon Remote setup screens for the audio device setup are identical on the iPhone “remote Roon” and on the laptop housing the Roon Core.

Why does the remote iPhone only allow the laptop’s audio system to play and not send the signal to the Bryston BDP-3?


Are you sure your phone is controlling the right zone?

More info here – let us know if that helps @Laurence_Greenhill.