iPhone Roon App hardly working after iOS upgrade 9.3.3


Roon app is hardly working anymore after I installed latest iOS update (9.3.3) on my iPhone 6s. I reinstalled the Roon app, but problem remained. I can open it, but that’s about it.


Just updated, but nothing special to report. Everything stable, fast and snappy.

Anything special on your Phone? How much space is still available?

Still 22 gb available. Should be enough😊. My iPad has no problems at all.

Weird. Have you tried to reset your iPhone (home-power for 7 secs)? If no solution after that – reset network settings?

If all else fails, you could try to wipe/restore and reinstall (dirty job, I know…).

I updated this weekend to 9.3.3 on my 6s. Haven’t noticed any difference in the Roon iOS app.

I´m running IOS 10 Public Beta 2 and Roon runs like breeze, on an Iphone 6 and Ipad mini 4.
Public Beta 1 was fine as well on both devices.

How far do you get with it? Is it looking for library?

Cheers, Greg

Basic question?

Are the Roon core and your phone in the same network?

App is looking for tracks within the library, but cannot find any. Can it be if I switch between pc/ipad/iphone this effects connectivity of the app? I have no problems with pc or ipad when I do this. Only with iphone.

Very strange. Can you shut down the app by double clicking the home button on the phone, it’s the button at the centre bottom of the iPhone. Then swipe up the app up to shut it down. Then restart Roon.

Sometimes restarting the phone or computer isn’t enough, the app needs restarting.

Cheers, Greg

For weeks also problems here. Running iOS 9.3.4 (13G35) on iPhone 6s. App does not find my audio device. App will not manage audio device. Will not save the settings of the audio device. This all when the Roon server is playing music. Deleting app and re-installing does not help.

What audio device does the app not find? Currently the iOS app will not play to the iOS device and so it won’t find you its devices. This is an apple issue that hopefully will get fixed down the road.


If it’s other devices the app won’t find. Let us know more details about them and your network and I’m sure someone will have some ideas.

Glad to note at least 1 other person has the same problem😉!
@Greg, your suggestion about restarting did not help.
@Lcocozza, yes everything in the same network.