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Bitching alarm! :skull_and_crossbones:

I’m really enjoying my music — with the Auralic Lightening remote app on my iPhone. The frustration of usin the Roon app on iPhone just got to much. Seems I spend more time on the forum than enjoying my music. Roon has many nice features, like the incredible flexibility of remote control choices, but I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and the weaknesses are beginning to show. The lack of intuitiveness on the iOS app on iPhone being a prominent problem. Also it loses connection all the time on my network, something the Auralic Lightening app doesn’t do at all.

For my use (I own an Auralic Aries) the Auralic Lightening app for iOS spins circles around the iOS Roon app. Specially on the iPhone.

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No true Roonman relies solely on a cellphone for his remote.

Use a tablet or laptop for a much better experience.



I find the opposite my lightening software takes sometimes about 30 seconds to connect or it says it can’t find my Aries, where as Roon connects instantly and never hangs.
BUT your forgetting one thing and that Roon sounds superior over the lightening app

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Hello Brian, bizarro me.

Funny how it is. There´s many things that are different from setup to setup and from one person´s personal preferences to another.
But the sound is by no matter better, in ANY cirumstance, coming from Roon than from Auralic Aries. If anything the opposite is more true.

Have a nice one, bizarro me. (The opposite of me.)

Agreed. That´s my experience also. But I prefer the iPhone, so there´s the problem.

I can’t say what’s causing the technical issues you’re mentioning (dropouts) offhand, but I handed back my auralic aries after half a year after I could never get it to work without intermittent dropouts in the connection to the app, plus a myriade of teething problems. Swapped it for a Moon Mind 2, and with Roon it’s been rock solid.
Are all major components cabled in your network?
The instability issues can easily be fixed by running an ipad or a WIN/Mac roon client.


Agreed. The iPad and desktop apps works better. Yes, all my connections are wired, except the iPhone ofcourse. As mentioned I have the opposite experience from you and other users; Auralic Aries Lightening iOS app works great, butt Roon iOS/iPhone does not.

There are many things in my setup that could be the weak link and could be updated for a better Roon experience. I’m sure, but the iPhone UX/UI design is not possible for me to do anything about. That is really my main concern.
I like the iPhone as a remote, and unfortunately that’s Roons weak point. Otherwise I could say a lot of positive things, like controlling Roon from my laptop is a absolute dream. But that’s not my preference for when I’m “really” going to relax and listen and enjoy my music.

I opted for a Microsoft Surface as my control point. Without the keyboard it’s basically just a tablet with all the perks of the windows roon app. Looks gorgeous in fullscreen mode😄

A little update.

After turning off the Roon Core computer Wifi (Mac Mini), the drop out problem has been eliminated. I have testet it for some time now, and it seems to be solved!

Seems like having both the wifi and ethernet cable connection active somehow created the problem.


Downloaded the updated iPhone app to my iPhone XS MAX running the latest firmware. The app opens then closes immediately. Anyone else having this issue with the latest version?

Reboot had no effect. I’ll try an uninstall and report back.

Reinstall seems to have fixed it.

Roon on iPhone is really disappointing … menus are almost empty of mains features (the vertical 3 dots menu), in tags you see albums only by artists alphabetical order (you cannot customize preview options by date) … I understand the user experience is better on a computer or an iPad, but the iPhone is always so close from hands, it’s a pity not to enjoy using it for roon :frowning:

I had exactly the same issue on my new iPhone XS, closing all apps and a hard reset on the iPhone cured it for me.

I like Roon on the XS so much more than my previous iPhone 6S, it looks much nicer.

Spot on. The iPhone app is in my opinion the weakest link in the Roon «chain».

The Roon iphone app is painfully slow. The ipad works fairly well, but the iphone takes many seconds to load a new artist or album, and if I want to add a bunch of tidal albums to my library, it takes forever. I know I can just use the tablet, but I always have my phone with me, so it’s often much more convenient. Having some local caching would make a huge difference instead of reloading everything on the page every time you go back and forth.

There is so much to like about Roon, but the iphone app really needs some loving.

hope I can get some help.Recently upgraded to windows 10(had To)on desktop.Got roon setup on desktop finally.My iPhone is the problem.Before I went thru the roon app and was able to stream to different zones be it to my Marantz or oppo etc.just by switching zones.Now the zones to not appear on the phone as it did before. Only zone that appears is system output.What have I done wrong or what can I do to get my phone going again as before.thanks

If you go to the Roon desktop do you see the zones?

I am having the same “app crash” issue on my iphone. I have to re-boot the iphone and then it seems to work for a few days and then crashes again. Then another re-boot.

Why is this happening? @support

No other app crashes like Roon on my iphone. I really hope they do a permanent fix for this issue.

Are you using the latest version of iOS on your phone?

Try deleting the Roon app on your phone (you will not lose any “data”), and then reinstall it from the App Store. This may solve it for you.

I am using the latest version. I have deleted and reinstalled a few times.

Hmmm… wish I could help. I use the Roon app on my iPhone Xs daily and have not experienced the same issue.