iPhone Roon app

I am using my macbook pro as a core, its connected to the same wifi with iphone (5g) but the iphone remote app is slow, and it generally takes a long time to update whats playing. Is there any fix?

I had the same issue.
Try this on the iPhone: Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings

Use a Tablet to control Roon…The iPhone is too small to take all the advantages of what a Tablet offers. My 11" iPad pro selects anything from Roon in milliseconds!

Do you face a similar issue with iphone remote app? Want to understand if its a network issue or a iphone vs ipad issue. Thanks

Well, to be honest I never use my iPhone to control my Music because my iPad gives me everything I’m looking for all on one page…I have a nice Wire stand that holds my iPad on my coffee table that I use to monitor and control my Roon and my sound system… The iPad reminds me of when I would read all the album notes while listening to the music on Vinyl (which I haven’t done in over 25 years).

For me the speed of the iOS app is really great (I’m using Ubiquiti Unifiy gear and MacBook Pro as a server), but UI responsiveness is different story entirely. To give you some examples:

  1. Scroll in the app is implemented in a way that unfortunately makes fast scrolling is impossible. You basically need to scroll and scroll… there is no fast scroll by fast movement of the finger. To add to that, there is no quick, local filtering in a current screen or a first-letter index for long lists.
  2. The same is true even on a list of tracks for an album - at times it takes few scrolls to scroll to the bottom of the album (sic!)
  3. Each time the app loads it does some checks (spins) for maybe a second and then the previous screen is displayed anyway… Can’t it do the checks in the background and change screen only if the information from the server differs? I mean it is a bit of opportunistic, but as you are playing an album and reopening app to see the track name, it still spins… how likely things could have changed?

Roon is a great software, but iOS app experience is basically substandard compared to the rest…

I personally can’t buy into the logic of using a tablet only for great experience (which I’m sure it is), because in my opinion the biggest advantage of Roon is multi-room and I don’t have a tablet in every room. It’s just convenient for me to use a phone that I always have on me.

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Well, that’s prolly the difference in that I have one main system and then another copy of Roon in my office on a MAC desktop, which of course I control from my desk. I guess my point is I think there is simply not the proper room on a phone for me to see everything I’m looking for when I play my music…