iPhone software update

The last iPhone update never appeared in Roon for me FYI.

I had to go the App store and forces it that way. Anyone else see this?

I can’t remember if thats what I did last time round or not.

iOS updates go through the App Store only – they do not appear in Roon automatically like the Win/OSX/Linux apps do.

You can set your iPhone to automatically update apps – or update manually whenever you get a notification.

Ah, OK - good to know thanks.

I was sure my iPad updated automatically, but maybe I did something without thinking… or maybe auto-update is on by default (I only use that iPad for Roon really so don’t go int the settings much).

For my phone, I like a bit of control over the app updates so will keep an eye on it and do it manually.

App Store approval time have much improved over the last few weeks, so be on the lookout for the red dot a few days after a new Roon release. :slight_smile: