Iphone X and Roon

Hi Guys,

I just got an iPhone x and when I open roon remote it does so very quickly and connects. A few seconds later the connection is lost not only on the x but all other remotes that might be open. Any music playing also stops.

I restarted roon and am not able to view the overview tab. All others seem to work. But again if I open roon remote on the X it all seems to crash.

Prior to 1.4 I rarely ever had a problem. 1.3 was pretty much rock solid.

Small Green Computer - i3 version
Latest roon server build
3 raspberry pi zones all hardwired
1 blue sound flex wireless


Flagging @support. @Benjamin_Schramm, the Roon support folks are probably going to want the info specified in this post:

Thanks David. I ended trying the core on another machine and all worked just fine so I reinstalled it on the small green computer and everything seems to be great.