iPhone X freeze

@support On my iPhone Roon crashes often. It happens when Roon was in the background and then becomes active again. It just freezes and crashes after a while. It does not happen always but i seems to happen when Roon was in the background for a few minutes at least. It never happens when Roon is started for a first time (after a crash) or when switching fast between apps.
I have all the latest updates and previous versions also sometimes did freeze but not as often as the last update.
On my iPad air i seem to have no problems and on the iMac it also runs fine.

Is this a known issue or is there something with my iPhone X?

I really like the MQA options, works great!

Thanks for the report @M_v.d_Vathorst!

To start, I’d like to get a little more information about the issue.

It happens when Roon was in the background and then becomes active again

By in the background, do you mean that you were using other apps? Or did the phone go into rest mode and then when opened again, the issue occurs?

It just freezes and crashes after a while.

Can you expand on the above a bit as well? Does music stop playing? Or does the Roon Remote app just need to be restarted?

May I ask that you please confirm the following:

  • Have you tried power cycling the device since you’ve noticed this behavior?
  • Are you on the latest version of iOS?


Hi Dylan,

Thanks for your quick reply.

By background i mean other apps are active and yes, also when the phone was in rest mode.

When it happens the Roon app shows the Roon logo but it is not animated. Nothing happens and i cannot do anything, only closing the app or wait for IOS to close the app for me.

Power cycling did not help, even update to IOS 11.4 did not help.

From your reaction i assume this is not a common issue with the iPhone X. I will try to find out if it is maybe related to one of the other apps i use being active.

best regards,


Hey @M_v.d_Vathorst, thanks for the update!

Yes, I use an iPhone X myself as a remote and have not come across this behavior. My recommendation is to try reinstalling the Roon Remote app on your device and see if that resolves this for you. If that doesn’t help let me know!


@M_v.d_Vathorst it sounds a bit like your phone might be resorting to cellular data in certain cases which would certainly cause Roon to have a fit. Possibly Wi-Fi Assist because of a degraded wi-fi connection or maybe a complete loss of wi-fi?

Is your iPad Air wi-fi only?


Wifi assist is off in my iPhone and yes, the iPad is wifi only.
Today already twice the Roon app crashed as soon as i started it, so a bit different behaviour than before. Maybe because of the new iOS version. Starting Roon the second time works fine. So i will remove the app and reinstall it now, i hope this will help.