iPhone X - iOS 14.3 Crashes

I experience the same sort of crashes of the Roon Remote app on iOS 14.3 on an iPhone X, playing music from a Nucleus. It started at least a month ago. Restarting the app lets me interact with it a bit more (searching, queuing, etc.) before it crashes again. The music itself plays without hiccup.

I’m running Roon under iOS 14.3 on my iPhone 12 Pro and it crashes so much that it is practically unusable. I’ve been an iOS developer for over ten years, so I understand the struggle with crashes, but, I would hope you have crash logs enabled in Firebase and can work to make the app more stable.

Hello @Nick_Jones2, and thanks for your report! Can you verify that your profile has a birth date set up? We have noticed some reports of iOS crashes recently for profiles without a birthdate.

Hi @nuwriy – could you tell me where I would see my birth date in my profile, to confirm whether it’s set?

Hello @Nick_Jones2, sure! Here’s how you do it.


Ah, indeed I had only the year in there. I’ve added month and day, so I’ll keep an eye on further crashes and will report back after a bit.

I have the same problem too. And I’ve added my full birthdate into my settings. Doesn’t seem to help. Any other things I can do? my iPhone uses iOS 14.3

One more thing, this doesn’t happen on the iPad which is stable.

As of today, my iOS Roon app (now the 1.8 version) has started spontaneously crashing/exiting again, so filling in the full birthday as suggested earlier does not seem to have done the trick.


If you are still seeing this issue in Roon 1.8, please let us know here:


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