IPhone X real Hi Res with Roon?

please in the photo Which one can you confirm if you are really reproducing what Roon indicates? thank you

are you really playing at 96k?

No, there is no MQA decoding occurring. You are playing at 24/48 resolution, which is the limit of iOS internally. If MQA decoding was happening, you would have another line under Authentication called MQA Core Decoder, as in this screen pic:

The iPhone is limited to 48k when you are using a device that goes through the Apple software, such as the iPhone’s own speaker, or the Audeze Cipher cable/DAC.
If you connect a high res capable USB device to the Lightning connector, the iPhone will pass through the High Res, such as the AudioQuest Dragonfly.


Hi Again this res is the MQA Decoder? is fine? thanks 37