iPhone X Roon keeps crashing

I’ve started the Roon trial this week and also having this issue on my iPhone X. Keeps crashing every minute or so. Seems okay on iPad mini however. I have Roon running on my QNAP and AirPlay2 (Airport Xpress) as endpoint to Naim SuperUniti. Also can’t find Amazon music HD on Roon. Is it not supported?

Thanks James. It’s too bad I was enjoying the Roon experience but use Amazon HD for my streaming and was hoping It would be integrated into Roon like the other services.

Anything’s possible. Maybe before long? And if you’re not aware, Qobuz just reduced their price to $14.99 if you sign up before 1/31/2020 and are in the first 100,000 to do so. I just paid for a year for $149.99. What a deal!

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll have a look at Qobuz. Sounds like it might be an option.

Hi @Dominik_Tomaszewski,

What version of iOS are you running on your iPhone X, is it the newest one? Have you tried reinstalling the Roon app and is the behavior still the same afterwards?

The only two streaming services we support at this time is TIDAL and Qobuz. I can’t comment on when/if we would add additional services, but do feel free to make your voice heard on the Amazon Music Integration feature-request thread:

I’m on 13.2 and yes tried re-installing a few times with same result. Not sure why it works fine on iPad but not the iPhone X.

Hi @Dominik_Tomaszewski,

Just to confirm, are you using iOS 13.2.2? This was released a few days ago and is a bit different than iOS 13.2 which was released a few weeks ago.

I was on 13.2 now updated to 13.2.2. It seems to have gotten better now. Roon no longer crashes after a few seconds. Now I can browse music and artist. It’s still not perfect but much better then it was. thanks.

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Hi @Dominik_Tomaszewski,

Glad to hear that the new iOS version has helped with the crashes!

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