iPhone XR as an endpoint for BT earbuds

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iPhone XR with BT 5.0 connected Samsung Buds+

The Buds+ allow for pause/play with their capacitive touch control. Roon plays just fine for hours, until I touch the earbud and pause. Roon pauses fine but won’t resume when I touch to resume. It appears the XR is no longer an endpoint and needs to be rediscovered. I see this when I unlock the phone and the Roon client resumes…it takes less than a second to ‘resume’ and find itself as an endpoint. Music will now resume using the touch controls.

Hello @Larry_Post,

Unfortunately the way Roon communicates with iOS endpoints over the network results in a limitation that prevents playback from being restarted from a bluetooth device like you’re using. This is something we’d like to be able to improve in the future, but we can’t promise and specifics or timelines just yet. I’ve passed your feedback along to our team — It’s much appreciated!

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