iPod touch as endpoint - Skips past all tracks in queue

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iPod Touch

Networking Gear & Setup Details

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Description of Issue

Not an issue with the core, but some days with the iPod. Upon first hitting play on a selection on either the iPod or on an iPad, the iPod “rushes” through the cue in less than 3 seconds. No sound. This will happen unless I close out the iPod Roon software and restart it. Not all the time, but quite often.

Any clues?

How is the iPod connected?

It is on my home network using the RAAT distribution. From the iPod it is plugged into my stereo through an RCA cable

Those symptoms are usually associated with a poor network connection. If you haven’t already done so try rebooting everything.


Hi @Roy_Sokoloski,

Can you please provide a rough timestamp for when it most recently occurred or an example of a track playing/in the queue when you last experienced it? The tech support team will investigate and try to zero in on the issue.

It happened yesterday 9/13 when starting an album (ALAC) of Diana Krall. It only happens when first playing for the day. The iPod skips quickly through the cue. I have to close out the Roon app on the iPod and restart it and reconnect to the core. Once I start again it will work fine for the rest of the day

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