IQAudio DAC and new RPi 3

I cannot get Gordons RC3 file on my new Raspberry 3 to load up. I have a couple of RPi 2s running PiCorePlayer but I cannot get this software working.

Any suggestions?

Used ApplePi Baker on Mac to download the image file. Recognized the system but music cuts in and out. PiCorePlayer works fine.

That’s odd. I switched from a RPi2 to an RPi3 for my IQaudIO Pi-DAC+, and it carried on working (using RC3) just fine.

You might want to first ensure that your RPi3 has the latest firmware installed by first running a standard Raspian distribution before loading up RC3.

The current version of PiCorePlayer definitely does NOT work on an RPi3. That’s why I swapped out the RPi2 board for an RPi3 board in the IQaudIO box - I needed the RPi2 board for the HiFiBerry Digi+ box, which runs PiCorePlayer…

The current version of piCorePlayer definitely DOES work on RPi3. I an using it now - it came out a couple of days ago and is excellent


Ah - OK, the last time I looked it was version 2.03 dated 19 March - and that didn’t work. Now we’re up to 2.04 as of 28 March, and that does now support the RPi3.

I stand corrected. Thanks.

If I use the RC3 on RPI3 will the internal WiFi work and does it work on PiCorePlayer 2.04?

Short answer: I don’t know.

Long answer:

  1. I don’t use WiFi connections at the moment with my RPis. They are both wired connections.

  2. I don’t think RC3 is ready yet for WiFi connections. @Gordon_Garrity would be able to tell us.

  3. PiCorePlayer 2.04 should be able to handle WiFi - support appears to be built in, but as I say, I don’t use it.

Thank you Geoff! I have to try otherwise wait and see if Gordon has an answer.