IQAudio DigiAmp+ vs Rpi 4B connection issue

Hi all, I’m having an issue getting my DigiAmp+ and RPi 4 to connect to the network/Roon.

I currently have two DigiAmp+ paired up with RPi3s that have been working great for a couple of years or so. I’m trying to add a new one on an RPi 4B but I can’t for the life of me get it connected to my network. I have cloned the SD Card from my existing endpoints and updated the supplicant file but it won’t work. I’ve tried the new clone in the existing end points and it shows up fine. I’ve tried the SD card from the existing end points with a new supplicant file and no luck.

I thought there my be an issue with the wifi on the new RPi4 board, but I’ve imaged a new card with Rasberry Pi OS and it connected to the internet fine. I did the Sudo Nano thing and read the supplicant file and it is fine on that, but as the IQAudio is headless from what I understand there is no easy way of dipping in and seeing what the issue is.

Any ideas out there? Was something changed between RPi 3 and 4 which stops the original Roon image working? Is there an updated Roon image available out there? It is no longer linked in the IQAudio product guide.

You can’t do this with Roon Bridge. Install a fresh instance of Ropieee or your chosen OS.

OK, but I have two functioning cards that I can use interchangeably between the RPi3s, but they won’t work with the RPi4; why is that?

If you swap cards around in the Pi 3s each bridge is still unique. But you can’t clone. Moreoever, the RPi 4 will most likely require different kernel drivers etc. which are setup on first boot.

Download an image of your favourite RPi distro–for Roon I recommend Ropieee–and flash a fresh SD card.

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Thanks Martin, finally got around to sorting it this morning - Ropieee works so well I’ve now moved to that for all my RPi end points. Not least so I can turn the LED off!

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