IQAudio Raspberry Pi not showing up in Roon

I hope this isn’t inappropriate to comment, but I thought from reading one of the other threads that RoonReady was all about not releasing things into the wild until they were certified?

This device is certified. It passed all of the tests in-house, and we cleared it for release. It is showing as uncertified in-app because we haven’t released a Roon build since the device was approved.

(For obvious reasons, devices can’t self-declare as certified–Roon must recognize them. Otherwise anyone could make a device that pretended to be certified. This is why a Roon update is required).

I powered our test unit up earlier today and it popped up in Roon about 30 seconds later. This is consistent with the behavior we saw over, and over during the certification process when we were working out the final kinks with @Gordon_Garrity last month.

I can’t say for sure what makes the units that are having this problem different from the one we have here (if anything), or if this is an environmental/networking issue, but that is why we are troubleshooting. Hopefully we will get to some answers soon.