IQAudio Roon Image with Digi+

Hi Gordon,

Any news on when the Digi+ board will be supported by your excellent Roon Ready image?

I have 6 other zones with DigiAmpss & Dac+'s that works really well.


I’ve just received the DIGI+ board I ordered with an RPi3, assuming they’d work with Roon, but I can’t find an image, saw your post, and now I’m guessing there still isn’t an image or solution available? I feel like such a noob!

Try DietPi. Works fine with the Digi+ and Roon.

RC6 appeared last night :smile: and an alpha that supports the Pi-Digi+ (Separate image).

Just downloading now to try them.

Continued thanks to Gordon for all his hard work.

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I’ve got the Alpha working too. I’m a complete noob (to Roon. And RPi… and Linux). So I’m chuffed! :).
Well done and thanks Gordon.