IQAUDIO Warning - watch for free shipping issues

I’ve been dealing with IQaudio for over a month now to get refunded the free shipping they overcharged me from Black Friday. I’m sure it will get settled, but be warned if it states free international shipping you may not get it, and getting it refunded will be a painful experience.

Other than that the product is pretty solid, just the customer service is, well, let’s just say, under performing.

I’ve moved this to the vendors area. I’m sure @Gordon_Garrity will be on it and it will get sorted.

I love the iqaudio products and while I haven’t ever had anything free shipped the normal shipping options have had my goods shipped to me UK to Singapore in normally 1-2 weeks an at least 3 orders thus far.

From time to time we offer free shipping, discounts etc. These normally function by the purchaser applying a voucher at checkout. We did this again over Black Friday and the uptake was pretty great as expected.

This particular client placed an order and had a problem applying the said voucher - they made note of this in their order comments. At this point the payment had already been paid and the client paid exactly what was displayed at checkout.

  • We tried to contact the client vie email, even on the PayPal email address used which was also different. All emails bounced.

  • We shipped the products, no telephone number was provided or we would have called to discuss.

  • The products were delivered on the 12th December.

After a few worrying email from the client complaining of no refund and that we ripped them off - which when we replied also bounced - we received an email 13th December from PayPal stating that there was now an open issue on the transaction.

  • We then received an email Sat 16th from the client explaining that “I have added you to safe senders. Emails should be able to be sent to me now.”

So at least there was now an open communication channel. :slight_smile:

We have provided the information to PayPal as they have requested.

I have already indicated to the client that we would honor the free shipping and refund what would have been the free shipping as a measure of good will but now there is a PayPal case open we’ll have to wait for that to be closed first - if PayPal find in the clients favor then great - he’ll get the refund we’ve already promised him. If PayPal find in our favor then we’ll provide the free shipping payment. The client has the ability to close the case at any time - he doesn’t want to as he doesn’t trust that we’ll send him the money.

In summary:

  • Client was unable to apply a voucher but went ahead with the purchase
  • Client provided no way to contact them which worked / products shipped
  • Client opened PayPal case
  • Client opens up communication channel
  • Client expects parallel payment while case is open
  • We have several times detailed we would obviously refund what would have been the shipping costs if the voucher had been applied - we’re nice like that.

David, thanks for highlighting this issue and allowing me to reply.

Once again, and now in an open forum so you may actually believe us, if you close the PayPal case we’ll send you the shipping costs as a measure of good will.

While I am here, Season’s Greetings to all our happy customers and we hope 2018 brings you lots of listening enjoyment going forward.