Is 2.1 audio possible with Roon?

I’m new to Roon. Is there any way to upmix 2.0 to 2.1 via Roon? My processor (Outlaw) does not offer it as an option. I’ve been using JRiver, and it does give one the option. I’m using Quad ESL 63’s as my fronts, and would like to be able to cross over at 80hz. Thanks in advance!

Yes, but you will need to create manually a bass management routine (channel summation, crossover frequencies, etc.) in the Roon DSP engine.


I’ve heard mention of using the Procedural EQ to create 2.1… I wasn’t able to make heads nor tails of what I was doing when I tried, however. Is there an Idiots Guide to Procedural EQ? Again, thanks in advance!


Rough guide, in order (which matters)
1 - Add some headroom (to avoid clipping), you may need to adjust amount as detailed in in the KB article.

1b - Add a procedural EQ to use for the next two steps.

2- Mix the channels to the LFE, making sure to keep the left & right intact

3- Use a parametric EQ as a crossover (this example just has a low-pass applied to LFE, you could also add another one for the opposite (high pass) to the left & right channels), play around and see what sounds best to you.

Here is the KB article for DSP

Hope this is helpful !



Wow. Thank you very much. Unfortunately, I’ve been called away for an emergency and won’t likely have a chance to give this a shot until tomorrow evening. I’ll report back once I have a chance to play.

Thanks again!