Is 8GB of memory enough for Roon and Lightroom CC?

I am getting a new iMac. Just wondering if 8GB is enough.

There are only 3000 tracks in my Roon library. I mostly use Lightroom to catalog my photos. Nothing processing intensive.

that should be enough for now and I would only buy devices that can upgrade main memory for new requirements

Most newer Macs, especially the cheaper ones, do not have upgradable memory.

Lightroom CC can be pretty demanding, a search shows people are recommending 16GB for Lightroom with an M1 Mac. As memory can’t be upgraded later, it’s probably best to go for the higher end model.

Yeah. It is so tempting to get a refurbished iMac but they all have 8GB only.

Because of the supply-chain disruption it takes a month to custom-build a 16GB one. Why would Apple put only 8GB in the base model? Even my current 2012 iMac has 32GB RAM.

TBH, I’m sure 8GB is fine, especially if you primarily use one app at a time. But there’s always that nagging feeling, and you probably don’t want to buy another one in 6 months just to find out.

Probably so they can get the starting price down to $999.00, knowing full well that most will up sale.

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