Is a DAC worth it if I have a purple light in signal path?

I’m thinking of buying a DAC to enhance my sound. I’m starting on hi fi audio, and some people recommended it. But am I not getting bit perfect audio quality with the purple indicator?

I have my PC connected to a Yamaha AX-396 with Paradigm Mini monitors V7

Also, should I need a DAC, which one would you reccomend between a Dragonfly Black, Modi 2 Uber and M-Audio’s Superdac II. I’m from Argentina and we don’t have a lot of variety here…

Anyway, to anyone who could advice, thank you very much


It says lossless, you are getting bit perfect audio.
Is the Yamaha connected to the computer with a usb cable?

HI Anders,
First of all thank you very much for the response. The yamaha soedn’t hacve a USB connection so it’s connected via jack to RCA.

Thanks again

Your computer has an audio RCA jack?

Or a headphone jack?

This means you are using the DAC built into the computer, which is probably not very good.

So yes, a reasonably priced DAC would be worthwhile.

check this out…made in Austria …sold around the world…gets great reviews

Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital Preamplifier and DAC

The computer has a headphone jack and goes to RCA on the Yamaha.
Thanks for the recommendation.

Thanks for the tip. I’m going to look for it, but a quick search on argentine websites tell me not to be very excited.

That’s why I wrote the options (Dragonfly - Modi - Superdac II)
I’ve been following DACS and their prices for almost 2 months (because od dollar price variation regarding Argentine peso) on the most important sales site here and, within reason, these are the ones I could afford today.

There’s also the Dacmagic plus, but it’s 1000 dollars, and it’s a little too much considering I saw it on Amazon at $350 (Amazon doesn’t ship electronics to Argentina)

I know maybe this kind of information may seem irrelevant, but it paints a picture.

Again thank you for the recommendation.

Dragonfly is very well regarded.

Yes, I understand.

I should have mentioned that this dac has been talked about extensively on this website.
If you can’t get it shipped from an online store to your country, make friends with some of the great people who post here and they may be able to help you with your shipping problem.

Good luck,

If shipping is a problem try something like this

DragonFly Red is a great little DAC with MQA compatibility. You can pick up a used one on Ebay for good money.

Maybe I’m missing something, but if your pc doesn’t have a USB port, how will you connect a USB DAC?

His receiver (Yamaha) doesn’t have USB. I presume the computer does.

Hi Gustavo, I’m in Australia where the Pro-Ject S2 is also not available.
Got mine off ebay. There’s a couple or resellers, one German and the other Italian. I used the Italian one as he had a better price. I had to message him before purchase to confirm he would send to Australia and what the cost would be.
Good luck

Thanks Michael!

So, I finally bought a Dragonfly Red for $310 and, it literally opened my music.
While Metal isn’t maybe the best genre to get the little details, there are some bands or moments where I could hear stuff I never heard before.
The sound has a 3D atmosphere that I can’t explain (not in words, not in another language).
MQA on Tidal sounds great (to me), I’m very happy with the DAC.
Also it’s been so different to me that I’m kind of getting used to listen to the music again, it’s like sitting too close to the screen at the movies, it takes time to get comfortable to watch the whole picture. But in a good way!

Anyway, I wanted to share this, and thank everybody for their messages. Any tips or advices are welcome since I’m new at HiFi.

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Oooh, this is the beginning, now you’re in love and will upgrade and upgrade…

Congratulations. It’s lovely, isn’t it?