Is a focus based on record label and artist possible?

I want to create a focus and bookmark based on the record label but also be able to add some specific artists. For example, I want to focus on the Sarah Records label. There are some bands that have created albums after the Sarah Records label shut down but I still want to group these bands and their albums under Sarah Records. I guess what I am asking in general is a focus based on “or” criteria possible? If not, is there a way around this to achieve what I am looking for?

Focus logic is currently OR within a tool and AND between tools and can’t be changed by the user. You can achieve what you want using a tag as a “memory”. Delete the tag after creating the bookmark if it is not required.

Focus/Label/Sarah Records
Select All
Manage Tags - create Sarah Tag

Artist - select additional artists
Manage Tags - add Sarah Tag


Delete Sarah Tag (if not required).

Manage Tags is found in the triple dot menu after selecting.

Thank you for this. I got this to work but had to modify your great instructions.

Instead of adding the Sarah Records tag to an Artist I had to do it for all their albums. When I created a tag for the artist, this same tag is not applied to all of that artist’s albums. I had to first select the artist, select all of their albums, then apply the Sarah Records tag.

However, if I delete the tag, the bookmark wont work anymore. I followed the instructions I found on this forum to “delete” tags by deselecting all albums that have that tag. But after I do this my bookmark doesnt work anymore. Maybe I am missing something?

Unrelated…but what is the logic for being able to apply a tag to an artist but not have it be applied to all the albums?

I’m glad you were able to get where you wanted. I hadn’t worked through all of my suggested method so it was more of a “can’t see why this shouldn’t work” situation. I hadn’t realised that tags can apply to artists as distinct from their albums.

I don’t think you are missing anything. The non-persistent bookmark sounds like an “unintended feature” that might need to be fixed. Let’s flag @mike to see if this is working as intended.

We’ve been discussing a few ways we might make tags more powerful and dynamic in the future, and that could include “inheritance” in some cases.

Nothing has been decided yet, but just keep in mind that Roon has a richer concept of “artists” than file tags. If you tag the performer Paul McCartney, can we assume you always want all your Paul McCartney albums tagged that way? How about your Paul McCartney & Wings albums? Or your Beatles albums? How about the collaborative Paul McCartney/Kanye West single from last year? Or, say, Thriller?

All of these cases need to be considered, so right now all tagging must be applied explicitly, meaning if you want an album tagged you need to tag it directly. Same for an artist, composer, track, or work.

@andybob’s instructions are pretty good, but I would just tag the artist’s albums, and then use the Sarah tag in the album browser for easy access going forward. I understand that means you’ll have to tag any future additions to your collection that are relevant (as opposed to a bookmark, which is dynamic) but like I said, we are thinking about how we can sensibly and comprehensibly make tags more powerful in the future.

You could also add the Sarah Records label to the albums in question, but that feels pretty messy to me. Anyway, it’s an interesting use case @tboooe – thanks for the question.

Thanks @mike. Are you able to tell us anything about user logic options ? That would enable the kind of search @tboooe had in mind without requiring tags.

Look forward to being able to do more with tags …
e.g. would like to be able to “focus” on “version”