Is an internet connection & Credit Card mandatory for lifetime subscription?

Thinking of upgrading to a Lifetime Subscription. so 2 questions:

  1. Is an internet connection required to use Roon after paying for a Lifetime Subscription? If yes the why?
  2. After paying for a Lifetime Sub does Roon Labs delete all Credit Card info? If not then why not?


Yes because it still checks for licensing occasionally. It’s own and 3rd party.

From Roon’s Terms and conditions…

4.1 The Roon Software enables you to listen to content which is streamed, subscribed to, rented or purchased, and to play other legally acquired digital media and music downloads via other services, (“Services”). Use of the Services requires Internet access and you may be required to accept additional terms and or pay additional fees to use certain of the Services.

Credit card. No they delete it.

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Thanks Ged. I read the T&C’s, but Roon would appear not to define “Services”. It is capitalised like most defined terms in contracts (in Australia), but in this case it is undefined - so it could mean anything. Hence my query on that one.
Thanks for confirming the CC query.

Actually I’m not sure they ever have the credit card details like most they use a finance 3rd party I believe.

You don’t need to be connected all the time but it needs it every XX weeks.

That’s correct. I think they have the last 4-digits only so customers can identify the card they used but that’s all.

@accounts removed mine completely when I asked them to do so.

As already mentioned, yes, an Internet connection is required. But this is for more than just the periodic licensing check-ins. The bulk of what Roon does over the Internet is actually metadata update checks for the music in your library. Those happen at least once a day.

And, of course, if you integrate with Qobuz or Tidal, you will need Internet for Roon to pull tracks from them and report track plays back to them.

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Hi @Mark_Stewart,

Yes, an internet connection is required, at least periodically for a license check in. Additionally, an internet connection is used for metadata updates, Roon Radio, recommendations, and more, so the full Roon experience is best enjoyed with an internet connection.

Our @accounts team can remove card info upon request.

Hey @Mark_Stewart,

Those are great questions! Thanks for asking. I’m Rebeka with accounts - I wanted to let you know that I’m happy to delete your payment information from our online payment processor’s database whenever you’re ready. Please, just let me know.


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