Is anyone experiencing this with the (814) update?

I noticed since I upgraded to 1.8 (814) today, Roon is sending out LOTS of data from my music library (which I find to be unusual); although, I am not using a music streaming service and this is my own offline library. After around 30 songs played, it has sent out over 5 gigabytes of data which I do not think occurred previously with any other update. I also inspected the outgoing connections and Roon made over 400 connections within 8 minutes of using Roon? If I try to block Roon from the outgoing connections that are uploading large troves of my application data, then it blocks me from playing my offline music! Please check it out and let everyone know if you are experiencing the same problem.

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I don’t think this is a “problem”, but merely the way Roon works. It will regularly contact Roon’s servers, both to fetch fresh metadata for example, or to send analytics data to Roon Labs about how and where you use the software. See the Privacy Policy on Roon Software for more details.

This exchange of information is usually batched - perhaps you had just noticed the activity during one of the batch exchanges. For example, I see that Roon was phoning home yesterday at around 15:00 on my system.

814 does nothing special in this way… it was a quickfix release. However, reboots (due to update) will trigger metadata updates.

How do you know it was 5GB outgoing, and how do you know it was Roon? My guess is that if you have evidence that it was indeed Roon, you made a mistake about incoming vs outgoing.

Roon sends up data for updating metadata, but outbound data is tiny. Even if we were to send your library contents and play history, in its entirety, it would be measured in megabytes. Downloads can be measured in gigabytes, because there is a lot of locally cached metadata, including a large number of images.

Until I see evidence of what was sent, where it was sent to, who sent it, and how you measured it, I’m going to assume there was an error in determining these numbers.

Those are some pretty bold statements, so please back them up with evidence. What are you blocking and how? In what way are you being blocked from playing your offline music?

I know what I am talking about in terms of outgoing vs ingoing, and I was collecting data yesterday through Radio Silence 3 Network Monitor, CMM X Network Monitor, and the native macOS Activity Monitor. I will try to collect together some evidence later. @Geoff_Coupe may be right about the reasoning behind the spike in data collection; although, I noticed it only occurred when I hit the play button. If I hit pause, then Roon stopped sending data. I am not necessarily sure if that is considered normally phoning home until I shut down my laptop after Roon uploaded almost 10Gb within an hour. It made it seem like it would upload the same amount of data as the amount of data that was played. For example, a 16/44.1 album may be 300mbps, Roon was uploading about 400mpbs after the album finished. And if there was a 24/96 album that was 1.2Gb, then Roon would download 1.5Gb of data after playing which I thought to be really odd. I’ll let you know soon.

That’s a lot of fancy tools, but I’m not buying it. Where do you think it was uploading to? I’m guessing that’s an easy thing to figure out with those tools.

Are you sure you aren’t measuring LAN traffic (streaming audio to endpoint) or even localhost TCP/IP traffic (streaming audio to RAATServer locally)?

Wow, what sort of internet connection do you have? Most are asymmetric with a 10:1 download to upload speed ratio. So in your case it would indicate you have a 3-4Gbit/s incoming internet connection, which is impressive.

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That sounds like LAN traffic from core to an endpoint not WAN traffic core to outside. Happy to be proved wrong but I would very much check you reading the correct stats. If blocking it stops playback then sounds like it’s blocking your core to endpoint. How did you go about blocking Roon?

One thing you have not mentioned is your audio chain, are you using an endpoint ot playing from core via usb direct to a DAC? I would be very surprised to see this data if it’s the latter.

@Techethan, anything?

Out for lunch, stuck in LAN traffic.

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