Is anyone going to CanJam 2020

I live in the greater NYC area and have gone to CanJam before and it’s a very entertaining and well run event. And of course the members of HiFi are well represented, so will there be a Roon contingent as well?
CanJam 2020

I’ll be at the LA one…

I’m thinking of going this year, would be the first time for me.

Are there good deals to be had?

Sometimes. Depends on the vendor. Some offer discount coupons, or special show pricing. Don’t be afraid to ask.

While there may be great deals like @rrwwss52 says, I think the biggest benefit of this show is the ability to try out tons of gear in one place where you can compare. And unlike home audio at shows where it’s almost impossible to have a meaningful demo as it’s noisy and not playing in your home, with headphones and related gear, you can get very good demos in this environment. Bring your portable player (so you know the music) and whatever cans you have (if you want to compare) and have at it. It’s a great event.

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Agree 100 percent. Comfort and fit being great things to compare.

The coronavirus and the all the travel restrictions are having quite an impact on this year’s CanJam.

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