Is ARC lossy only?

Streaming via WiFi or with downloaded contest I can only get high quality. Not lossless.

In settings I have WiFi set to original format. I have attached a picture of the path and as you can see I am getting sampling change due to my DSP settings and this is what is causing it. But ARC does not have DSP. Loving ARC but very confused.

Any suggestions?

Post a photo of the full signal path. Are you playing to wireless headphones?

I wonder if the file you downloaded somehow has the DSP information included so it is not lossless??

The iPhone output is 48kHz - so ARC does same rate conversion.

But, I don’t think that is what we’re seeing here. It talks about DSP. Looks like something different to me. But yes, lossless high resolution requires an attached DAC with iPhone.


Just playing through the speakers. This is a ripped cd.

I think you may be correct. I’ll try through an external dac when I get home.

iOS system output is resampling all audio to 24/48 and this is how Apple designed it.

If you want bit perfect you will need an external bit perfect DAC which bypasses Apple’s system output.


I’ve posted one further down

Your second screen shot looks correct. It’s the first screen shot that looks strange.

Plugged in my cobalt and it’s lossless. It’s just the iPhone internal DAC.

the message about DSP was because I pressed the green dot by the sample rate to get more info.

OK, thanks. Just a description of what DSP is.