Is Audio Analysis done?

I understand that the audio analysis is slow and I’m fine with that.
Is there a way to tell if all audio analysis is complete? Or a way to tell if it’s still working on new additions?
In other words, is there some symbol that flashes during analysis, or way to check whether its done or still running?

Hi @Thomas_Giloy,

You can tell if analysis is still being performed by going to Settings > Library.

No. I see a pulsating ‘bullseye’ over the ‘focus’ icon in Albums and Artists and by the first song of a chosen album, but nothing in the upper right hand corner.
Thanks. Guess that means the albums’ audio analysis is done.

Hi Thomas,

If you tap those pulsating bullseyes, Roon will give you info on those features. Click them to learn more and make them go away.

If you don’t see the spinner in the upper right, then the import is completed. There could be some background analysis still going on. Go to Settings > Library and check if you can see background audio analysis still happening.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks. I’ll check out the bullseye next time I’m in Roon.

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