Is backup still occurring when core "deactivated"

Roon Core Machine

The Statement, Roon version 1.8, build 988

Description of Issue

I have two similar setups in two separate locations. When traveling between both locations, I deactivate one core machine and then active the other when I arrive at the other location. The question is, does Roon still backup to Dropbox when the core machine at once location is set to “deactivated”? Thanks!

I suspect not, but I’m following this thread for the official answer. Easy enough to test. That said, I’ve never successfully restored a Roon backup from Dropbox. I kind-of wish Roon Labs would remove Dropbox as a backup destination. Good luck!

Roon does not backup when deactivated. There’s no reason it should. Nothing is changing.

You need to download your backup from Dropbox before using it to restore. You can’t restore from Dropbox.

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