Is Bluetooth broken in RoPieee XL?

I am not able to connect my laptop to Ropieee XL via Bluetooth. I used to be able to connect the same laptop but now I just get a “Couldn’t connect” message for some reason.
Any idea how I could troubleshoot this? Restarts and such maneuvres don’t solve it.

I used to connect to RoPieee for teleconferences, sometimes the laptop speakers are not enough.
I did not install the newest version that requires manual installation.

Can you specify which version you’re running?

Running version 4.020

Have you verified that BT is enabled on RoPieeeXL?

You could try to disable and enable again BT on RoPieeeXL

Don’t use bluetooth. Use Roon RAAT via WIFI from laptop to your network then ethernet to your RPi.

OK, I now see this is not for playing music, so use whatever works for you.

… for teleconferences ? Read carefully the first post …

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Read my second sentence.

BT was enabled of course. Did the disable/enable cycle but still can’t connect.

If you still have the image file you could try to reflash your sd card