Is Chromecast possible under a user pay strategy?

What about a legitimate Chromecast implementation?

There is none.

That’s not something I’ve looked into, but I’m pretty sure it’s surrounded with all kinds if strict policies, not to mention financial stuff.

And for what? Chromecast for audio is a sub par solution.


I am fortunate to have a Chromecast Audio device still. I don’t use it much, but there are a few things that it is useful for. Mix sessions on SoundCloud, for example. You can’t play those from Roon. So I understand the desire for Chromecast in RoPieee. But there is no truly open-source Chromecast solution that I’ve heard about.

So users can stream to Chromecast endpoints.
Many apps like Qobuz, Tidal etc, all stream to Chromecast endpoints.

My understanding is Chromecast is lossless to 96kHz/24bit?
That seems more than ample for lossless Redbook and 96khz high resolution.

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Be aware that, to support gapless playback, Roon sends a continuous audio stream to Chromecast devices - concatenating separate tracks into a single continuous stream. See this message:

This would have implications for a Ropieee display, I think?

Not in the way that Primare implement it:

Absolutely correct.
I use three of them all told through Roon.
Work flawless for my needs.

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I’m not concerned about gapless.
It would be amazing to have Chromecast ability, allowing direct device connection from apps.

Sometimes I don’t want to use Roon, and I simply want to use the native app via personal device.

I.e. Qobuz app, Souncloud direct > endpoint.

Chromecast is very useful. SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Bandcamp, BBC Sounds etc.
Avoids iOS alerts being played through the system, and being paused if the phone rings!


Your getting me interested except for the “Roon Ready - by future update” bit . It also doesn’t seem to support uPNP just in case

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Looks to be Roon ready to me:

I suspect this Pi2aes hat would have lower jitter, and sound better.
It uses higher resolution clocks/oscillators.
Measured to be super low jitter.

I own one…

No Chromecast is a party killer though if you need it.

Does anyone know of any method to get Chromecast working on Diet Pi, etc?

Maybe the South African supplier site is out of date ? Not unheard of :unamused:

It’s on the Roon Partners page as Roon Ready apologies

As I stated before: there is no software available that provides this functionality. This is not a ‘RoPieee issue’, this is a ‘there is no open source implementation of a Chromecast endpoint’ kinda thing.


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Doing a quick Google, you won’t find any forum discussion of any distros having a Chromecast hack working reliably (if at all).

All of those distros mostly support the same stuff.

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Hi Harry,
I understand that its not a Ropieee issue.
I was more questioning if a “Hack” existed.

Yeah, thanks.
Chromecast would be super helpful.

When you see forum chatter about a working hack on DietPi, Volumio, moode audio etc, that’s the time to poke at Harry :slight_smile:

You’ll probably see a Darko video about it to notify you… he loves Chromecast and Pi stuff (see his latest on Volumio supporting Tidal Connect).

lol. I still think a legitimate Chromecast inclusion would be welcomed by many.

Yep and real Airplay 2 (not fake Airplay 1) would be nice too and real Tidal Connect…

Or you could just buy a Cambridge Audio CXN V2 and get the real thing :wink: