Is Discover smart?

I am just curious if the Discover screen is smart at all? Does it show recommendations based on my listening preferences or is it just random? Given all the back end data Roon has, I think Discover can be made to be more intelligent based on actual user history, preferences, etc?

Seems pretty random to me.

Thats what I figured. I think given how much Roon costs and all the data Roon has, they need to think about creating more value for the user aside from eye candy. I know Roon continues to mature but I was disappointed to see that Roon is missing basic features and functions that simple apps like JRiver, MusicBee, and BubbleUPnP have. I am paying yearly so I sure hope Roon matures and improves.

I’m pretty sure it will continue to mature and improve. It seems that the team has been more concerned of late with “under the hood” changes rather than improving the interface and basic functionality. They seem pretty receptive though, and I think some functional changes like metadata editing and artwork improvements are coming.

Sure hope so or this will be a 1 and done situation for me.

Discover takes your listening history and library content into account. Currently, it only recommends content within your library, so the quality of recommendations will vary based on how much content you have, and especially, how much unfamiliar content you have.

As @extracampine noted, lots has been going on, but not with respect to our core metadata/library management experience. This is the function of being a small internally bootstrapped company with limited resources to tackle all areas of the product at once. This is changing–we’ve hired three employees in the past month, including a developer with a data science background who is dedicated to the metadata and library management areas of the product.

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Brian, thank you for the reply. Having started two companies with no institutional investment I completely understand the concept of bootstrapping! I really applaud what Roon is trying to do. I am very much looking forward to continued development. My only input would be to not overlook the basic playback and management features. These are the things that users see every time they use the product so even though the features are not sexy or groundbreaking they play a very important role in the user experience. I wish Roon continued success.