Is DSP Engine Gone with 1.6?

I am a very new owner of a Nucleus+ and am still in the setup stage. I have been reading about various options available through a “DSP Engine” setting. I cannot find it either on the basic Roon General Settings page or under Settings-Audio on the specific settings page of a networked device (such as my Lumin T2).

How do I locate the page with DSP Engine?

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If you are using the app from a phone the DSP setting is not available. You will have to use a tablet or computer to use it. Otherwise look at where Chris is pointing.


I am using a new iPad 6 running iOS 12.2 and tried to duplicate your LA Woman screen shot. Here is what appears on the iPad:

I don’t get that “DSP” icon. What may I be doing wrong?

I found my own answer. All one has to do is press and hold the device image and a drop-down menu appears in which “DSP” is one of the possible choices.

Just touch volume also