Is it better to use an extenal or internal storage at Nucleus?

After the mainboard of my Nucleus Plus gave up its life (ironically 3 month after end of warranty), I am still wondering what could be the reason…,

One theory that came into my mind is, that it is probably better not to install the internal storage for music files. In my case it was a 2TB Samsung SSD.

Maybe it is better to use an external Harddrive connected via USB to Nucleus.

I am interested about your opinion / experience.
Could the way how to connect the drive for music files (internal/ external to Nucleus) have an effect to the lifetime of the Nucleus mainboard.

(By the way I had to pay the replacement of the mainboard by myself - no Goodwill from my dealer or the company which sold Nucleus…)

I prefer and suggest external USB attached storage. Cheaper. Easier to move around. Easier to copy things to by attaching it to a different PC rather than across the network. Ability to have both Storage location and Roon Database location.


It’s not an either/or choice though. Usually heat damage over time leaves a mark of some kind. If the drive’s overheated the main board I’d expect to see a “shadow” of sorts. The Nucleus is quite a tight little box for passive heating though, interesting theory…

I don’t know for the nucleus…
but in general i don’t really like to have an external HDD attached to the core, with more cables and transformer… when the core can manage everything.

a SSD did not generated significant heat

?? There is just the usb cable from the PC to the drive and those are usually short to begin with.

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My M2 board went a month after warranty expired. I suspect it’s a heat thing because there is no provision to remove heat from that board. Amazon sells a heat sink for it though and I also updated my M2 while I was at it.