Is it just me? (Tidal problems)


When will the Roon team recognize that the problems with Tidal are not with the users or their hardware, but with Roon! If you read all the issues here on the forum I would be very surprised that we all have problems with our network equipment or hardware, even though the problems started with Roon 1.8! Maybe it is time for them to give some serious thought to these problems? By the way, why does Qobuz work and Tidal not? I also stream Qobuz in Hi-res 192kHz without these songs skipping or stopping halfway!
Sorry but I had to say this and hopefully I am not the only one who feels that way. Then we haven’t talked about all the other problems since Roon 1.8!


I’ve had a small number of issues (maybe 2-3 times?) with streaming from Tidal in the past. Each time, it was not related to the hardware or the user. It was simply a Tidal outage. Can you check if the regular Tidal app (e.g the desktop one) works for you when you encounter this issue again?

Tidal works fine for me. I listen to something on Tidal every day without issue. Hard to fix something that is not occurring for all.

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I have already tried all that and everything works, only in Roon it is a disaster.

In over 17 months, I’ve never had a problem with Tidal, Qobuz, or Roon.

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Until 1.8 I never had any problems.


I confirm the issue with Tidal right now. Started about an hour ago.
Skipping tracks and pause (10-20 sec.) before playback start.


No problem here in southeast USA. Might be a geographical issue.

Been having trouble with skipping tracks and stopping playback. Finally changed DNS to Hasn’t stopped or skipped in 3 days. Hopefully that change will continue to work!

Same problem here, skipping tracks on Tidal on different endpoints… hardwired.

Going to sleep, shure it will be ok soon…


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