Is it me or does Roon degrade sound

For a moment I misread your post as “I trust my wifes”.
Sorry about that.

Polygamists familiar with the spelling rules of English should always listen to their wives or their wives’ advice, shouldn’t they? … :wink:


Does that entitle me to wear a skirt :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::crazy_face:

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I can make some T-Shirts.

Some will be better than others and in some light will degrade the look and feel.

£19.99 + P&P.


I don’t hear a difference when playing music through either Roon or my Cambridge CXNv2’s own StreamMagic app.

Same goes when using Tidal or Qobuz apps on my iPad or iPhone compared to Roon.

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What, like an extra character?

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The 159s with XVX and their Subsonics


In all honesty, with a system such as yours I’m surprised you aren’t just listening to vinyl and other physical media.

Thanks for sharing :+1:

I’ve been pondering this for 14 hours but still don’t get it (neither with 7 characters) :slight_smile: Can someone help me?

Well… great point. Before I got the 159s, I was 90% vinyl. Now the streaming sounds pretty close. Most folks wouldn’t know the difference.

With the 159s streaming is really a joy to hear. That’s when I started playing with the different sources and started noticing what I thought was a difference b/n the LINN and Roon.

After this thread, which I so appreciate, I need to bring over a few from my listening group and do a blind test with them at different volumes. I am leaving the country for a couple months Wednesday so I can’t do this until June.

When I do, I will report back. I honestly do know what to expect.

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Happy to borrow your system :pray:

I’m more impressed by @mikeb’s reply which is apparently only one character.


All I can think of is
Screenshot 2023-04-15 at 19.33.05


Love it. If you’re ever in the Bay Area. LMK.

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That’s the best I could do

Oh dear, even that went wrong. Next time I will use Google Translate :roll_eyes:

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No change for me, must be your ears or system- thats my 2cent.