Is it me or does Roon degrade sound

All I can think of is
Screenshot 2023-04-15 at 19.33.05


Love it. If you’re ever in the Bay Area. LMK.

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That’s the best I could do

Oh dear, even that went wrong. Next time I will use Google Translate :roll_eyes:

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No change for me, must be your ears or system- thats my 2cent.

What is the signal path? I’m a LINN user myself, and when I’m using Roon, not just LINN, and I feel that the sound quality is degraded, I can explain that it’s mostly being sent via AirPlay.

When you click on the dot that is in the left of “back”

You should be using Linn Streaming


It’s possible that the way you are using the Linn sounds better than the way you are using Roon. That’s not the same as the Linn sounding better than Roon. Have to deconstruct the whole signal path to look at this.


I’m a relative newcomer to Roon but have really enjoyed it. When talking signal path, there a lot more detail than what components you are using. But specifically I (and I might guess many) run Roon core remotely (I have a nucleus +) hard wired to the network switch. I use a simaudio 390 as an endpoint in a different part of the house also hardwired, and Dali helicon speakers and it sounds as good as any other source I run through them.

At one point I tried an old laptop as the Roon core and directly connected to the simaudio through USB I think and it sounded not so good. Bad enough that I didn’t even bother to trouble shoot why and just switched back to running remotely and sounded fine again.

Roon updates may erase the LINN Streaming Subnet required for LINN Streaming. It’s a LINN user’s prerogative to get excited about every update.

Uf you Drink a lot of beer or wine, you dont Heat any difference. Skol!

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Just did a comparison with my Linn Selekt DSM. No different i SQ.


I think you make an excellent point. I am currently demoing a product that Roon software built into it while I give my NUC and Nucleus+ a rest. My 14 year old son notices a difference.

There is this thread, were just clicking headroom from disabled to on with value 0 does make a SQ change. I wanted to try. Nothing. I can hear no difference. Ok maybe a different track. No nothing. Ok 3th time maybe there is a tiny tiny difference. After 5 times I’m convinced, there is a tiny tiny difference but I can hear. So I install blackhole and audacity. Roon plays to blackhole and audacity records. First track with headroom disabled, second track with headroom on set to 0db. With the generous help of @Marin_Weigel I learn to Invert one of the tracks and mix them together into a new track. Boom… Nothing, empty, so sound. So there is no difference between the two.

Those brain wires are a tough nut to crack. Tonight I’ll try to hear the seagulls and sleep by the warm breeze.


I used the Moonies term before until someone suggested I look up what it means. Definitely not the clan you want to be in!:laughing:
We need to think of another.

There were also people convinced that having the DSP toggle on the on or off position makes a difference even if no filters are enabled, expect it’s just a UI graphic.


The standard test is ‘wife listening from the kitchen notices a difference’…please stick to the established audiophile standard of measurement for SQ. We can’t just have people inventing their own standards for SQ measurement, that would be total chaos and cause endless arguments. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: