Is it me or is it slow at searching and retrieving right now?

Title says it all really. Tonight it’s all dog slow here wondering if anyone else is seeing this. Taken a while to search and bring up albums.

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It’s just you, it’s always just you :rofl:

All kidding aside, Roon search is taking about as long as it usually does, which while not blazing fast, is fast enough not be annoying.

I find that when Roon is running slow that means that it is time to restart my Roon core. I don’t actually restart the computer that Roon core is running but rather I just close and then restart Roon on the core. I have a very, very large Roon library, with over 70K albums and 960K tracks,and i find that need to restart Roon at every other day to keep it running smoothly. When I restart Roon it takes over 5 minutes so I just try to reboot when I’m doing something other than listening to music via Roon, like playing some vinyl, watching TV or going out or going for a bike ride.

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I’ll take it from your id you’re in NJ. As am I. Curious why roon needs to be rebooted so often.Is there a memory leak? Something isn’t built right if that is a daily task. I have far fewer tracks but it’s every three our four days for me. Annoying but the reboot is under 60 seconds.

My Roon core is on a Windows 10 computer:

Intel(R) Core™ i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz 4.20 GHz, with 32GB RAM and a 512GB emm drive.

Basically following all the guidelines for how to set up Roon with a large music library. Nonetheless, due to the size of my music library Roon needs a little extra TLC and so I restart Roon on a regular basis. It’s easier to just restart Roon rather than complain. Restarting usually resolves any performance issues until the another restart is needed. The time required for the restart is due to size of the database aka music library.

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I have been trying to figure this out, for me it is not just slow, it become unstable and stops working…Roon Logo spin for minutes: until I close & reopen Roon Core app. This will buy me another 15 minutes or so. I think it is some sort of memory leak issue with 2.0

Here is a link to my support request and update as I continue to test and attempt to resolve:

and here is a post with what looks like the same issue from Andrew_Cherry

I am experiencing the same, its dog slow at the moment. ASUS RT AC87U Router, TP link llnk SG 1008 network switch, QNAP TS 251+ NAS with 8GB RAM, and core on a USB attached solid state drive, linked with Ethernet to a Devialet Expert 220 Pro. I am on the latest early release and have never experienced such poor performance / response. Number of tracks, 110000. As others noted, CPU usage is higher than usual. It usually stabilises at around 3%, its now often running > 40%.


No issues here.

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Added some new albums and they are not showing up. Not sure if that is related.