Is it necessary to use NAS when using a Nucleus?

I have already used Roon Nucleus+.Is it necessary to use NAS?
Moreover,is connecting by Network cable better than connecting by USB cable?
Thank you.

Nucleus & Nucleus+ User Guide and Manual

Nucleus Media Storage And Audio Devices

If I read the music files on hard disks in four HDDs carbinet by USB cable,can Nucleus work properly?Will it be slow?

How big is your library (how many tracks)? Initial scan of library might take some time (days) for big libraries (no matter how it’s connected). Users more often report problems with NAS based libraries than with DAS (USB connected) based. You can use a NAS (if it’s avilable anyway) to hold a backup of your library.

Totally 14T music files on two 4T HDs and two 2T HDs.

Sounds o.k. for a Nucleus. Keep in mind that scanning 12TB of data will surely take some time independent of connection type.

The sound is the best to connect by Network cable no matter what.Is it correct?

Believe what ever you want or trust your ears. I’m not into SQ discussions. SQ depends on a users specific environment, gear and setup. I’m out of that discussion by now.


I don’t run nearly as many files as you do, but my Nucleus+ runs with a local (external) SSD, and is super fast. As BlackJack said, the initial data scan will take a while since you have so many files.

Also as BlackJack said, sound quality is a hotly debated subject, but using a network cable from the core will surely not limit your sound quality unless you have a problem in your network (low bandwidth, topology issue, etc.).

Good luck, and enjoy your music!

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Thank you very much for your kind reply.

USB storage is far superior to NAS.

The experience on NAS is prone to error compared to the US. Risk experience.

While we support NAS storage, if you can use USB, you’ll be happier you did.