Is it normal to experience delay when unpausing tracks?

Simple as that. It’s a 1-2-second delay after unpausing, almost the same one as when starting playback of an album. This only happens with Tidal (or streaming? IO don’t have any other services). Might be related to buffering, but why isn’t roon buffering the whole track?

What protocol are you using between Roon Server and your endpoints? E.g., AirPlay always takes two seconds to start playing because of AirPlay‘s built-in buffering. Roon‘s RAAT on the other hand shouldn’t.

Well I guess it’s LAN, as I’m using a Primare i35 prisma via lan to my desktop computer

No I meant the music streaming protocol to the endpoint, not the underlying network transport protocol. Like I said, it would be normal behavior if you happen to use AirPlay, but not for others like Roon RAAT (if the device is Roon Ready)

oh sorry, yes, the device is Roon Ready, so I believe it’s RAAT. Any way to check if this is the case?

If you go to Roon Settings > Audio, you can see what your have enabled. Devices that understand more than one protocol appear in more than one section, e.g., under Roon Ready as well as elsewhere for, e.g., AirPlay.

You can also see the name that each entry uses for its output(s). So, by looking at this page you can probably figure out quickly what you have enabled and are using as output zones.

RAAT is deliberately a very small buffer in order to facilitate sync of zone , have a look at an explanation of RAAT in the knowledge base. It’ in the design goals

Some players buffer a whole track or even in the case of JRiver the whole album