Is it normal to have to make 5 or more digital resets to get Roon to connect to my Windows 10 endpoint?

I am now getting so frustrated with Roon that I am ready to ■■■■ can my lifetime license since it never works anyway. It can, and often does take 5 0r more reboots to get Roon to connect to my Windows 10 endpoint. Sometimes it will connect and skip through every track without playing anything. Other times it simply won’t connect at all. Every other Roon endpoint works flawlessly except the one I listen to, or try and listen to, the most.

I am looking for another program that will allow me to access my library and play music that WILL connect to my Windows 10 endpoint. Any ideas? Roon itself seems to have no concept of how to fix this, which is fitting better and better with the impressions I have of their technical expertise or lack of same.

System is:
Roon Nucleus +
PS Audio Perfect wave DAC
Sonore Signature Rendu SE Optical
Uptone audio Ether Regen optical switch
Luxul Ethernet switches
Endpoint is a Windows 10 Computer with Roon endpoint software.

I do NOT have this connection issue with any other software.

Have you tried uninstall of the Roon software on the win10 endpoint and then reinstall the latest build?
Which is build 884 right now.
Might help.

How is it connected?

Are the Luxul switches managed switches? If so, that’s probably at the heart of your problem…

Also, see the note on managed switches in the Roon Knowledge Base article:

OK, you’ve now told me via PM that the Luxul switches are not of the managed variety.

In answer to your question, it certainly is not normal to have to make 5 or more digital resets to get Roon to connect to your Windows 10 endpoint.

There is clearly an issue that needs to be tracked down and corrected. It sounds as though Support have not been able to help thus far. If you are not willing to give them another try then good luck with your search for an alternative to Roon.

You could try installing the full blown Roon software on your Windows 10 computer and see how that works. I have my Roon core on both a Nucleus and Dell XPS 15 laptop (Windows 10 Home Edition). They both work fine.

So far this one works. I uninstalled Roon, rebooted my computer and reinstalled Roon. Back in the Windows 98 days this was common practice.

I guess old Microsoft related problems never die. They just invade each subsequent OS upgrade.

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