Is it OK to re-add lost Qobuz favourites to Roon library?

I posted a short while ago that my Qobuz favourites have disappeared from my Room library, and was told that you are aware of the issue and would get back to me when you had some information.

As I would,like to continue use Roon, can you tell me whether it is OK to re-add albums from Qobuz to my Roon library that were there, and/or whether it is OK to add new stuff? Or would you advise I leave my Roon library as it is, with only my own music in it?

Also, I notice that my Qobuz favourites show up in the Qobuz section of Roon, and that adding a favourite in Qobuz does result in it appearing in my Roon library. It is just that the Qobuz favourites that were in my Roon library until earlier today are no longer in my Roon library.

As if by magic, Qobuz favourites are reappearing in my library in front of my eyes….


5 minutes later… they are all back! Zoot Alors!


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