Is it possible to change the font size?

My eyesight is awful.

Particularly keen to change the font size of lyrics on the desktop app. Is this possible? I haven’t found a way yet.

P.S. Loving the upgrade :slight_smile:

Not in the way you’d probably desire, but if you’ve selected lyrics and click the three buttons at bottom right and select view lyrics there you can change size in the resulting window as in this screenshot


Wow, thank you, Marin! That works well enough for me.

You’re welcome…

Since you’ve been so helpful…a bonus question!

Is it possible to view all “untagged” items? For example, I want to view all albums in my library that I have neglected to tag so far, so that I can go ahead and tag them. Is that possible?

…sure thing…

Goto albums or whatever and use focus (1), click on tags to select desired tags (2), then click them a second time to negate them (3)…piece of cake!

Well, I never! It works a treat, thanks again. :beers:

…you gotta love it…