Is it possible to disable scanning libraries at startup?

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After startup the Roon Server on my NUC (see profile), I observe the following picture in the Roon app on my iPad pro for a few minutes:

Apparently scanning libraries. Is it possible to disable this automatic scan at system startup? When it is necessary (when adding content) it is more convenient for me to do a manual scan of the required library, than to wait re-scan libraries each time I turn on the NUC. Every time I start listening, I turn on the NUC with the Roon Server because there is no reason to keep the NUC always on as it is used exclusively for playing music with one DAC.

Hi @Katun,

Can you give some additional details about the specs of your Core? Can you confirm how many tracks total are in your library?

What specs of my core interest you? And what does this have to do with the ability to disable library rescan at startup?
103171 tracks.
A small comment. Like many other Roon users, I used MinimServer before - there was such an opportunity to disable scanning libraries at MinimServer start and it was very convenient. Why not add this option to the Roon Server (if not, at least I could not find it)?

I second this request and would add to it. I would much rather have ALL scans done on demand. Generally when I add music I’m doing several albums at a time. I don’t need it to auto detect that new files have shown up. This is especially problematic when mounting network drives locally, since this prevents the disks from sleeping. Most other systems do let you control this, I don’t understand why we can’t do this in Roon.


Roon always attempts to provide a current, accurate view of your files, which is why we scan for changes at startup, and also monitor your storage device for changes with real-time monitoring and periodic re-scanning.

Giving you an accurate and current view of your files was a key design goal for us, since we’ve all had the experience in iTunes where a track appears to be available, but when you click it you get a nasty surprise because the media has been moved or deleted.

Feel free to open a feature request describing how you’d like us to change our storage implementation or to allow the option to disable the initial scan of your storage devices, but to be clear, the the screen you posted above (with the “loading” logo) is not Roon scanning your storage – during this period the database is loading so your Core can start up.

Scanning of your storage happens after that, so I just want to be clear that “make Roon start up faster” and “allow me to disable scanning at startup” are two different requests, and aren’t really related to each other.

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Do I understand correctly that this is happening in the background without stopping (without disturbing) the roonserver?

How to speed up loading of database so Core can start up?
(my Core: Intel NUC7i7DNBE, RAM 8GB Samsung PC4-2400, system disc Transcend TS120GMTS820S).
Now the period with the “loading logo” is about 2 minutes. Linux Ubuntu server with Roon Core (see my profile) boots in 25 seconds.

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