Is it possible to download my Roon history?

Mail subject pretty much says it all. A friend is asking for music suggestions and I thought it would make sense to give him the list of the albums in my Roon history. Any way I can do that?


Do you use last FM Scrobbling?

Not an elegant solution but you can go to history, select all, add to playlist then export the playlist and manipulate in excel to just get album titles.

Thanks Chris, Ged for responding.

Ged, your suggestion looks more likely to give me what I want and I will give it a whirl in a bit. And nothing says Easter like a pivot table.



Obviously some other definition of Easter… :whale::whale:

Well, Ged, it kinda works but far from perfectly.

It turns out that the only export option is to export the tracks themselves, not their names. Okay - I can live with that - I have the disk space, especially because as part of the export process it creates a file (.roonjournal) that holds exactly the information I need. The problem is that because the export is file based it includes only the files in your local library - anything you have streamed (which turns out to my slight surprise to be about 90% of my listening since installing roon) can’t be exported and in consequence the list is based only on the tracks you own.

I also tried ctrl-a, ctrl-c on the playlist but that does not work either. I may have to scrobble, or at least find out what it is.

You can export to excel.

Only if those tracks are actually in your library. :slightly_smiling_face:

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True true.

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