Is it possible to export Roon favorited songs to Tidal?


I have favorited a lot of songs in Roon (the wast majority of them songs from Tidal), but unfortunately they don’t get favorited as favorite songs in Tidal itself. That means that when I use the Tidal app on my phone, they’re not “there” for me to play under favorites like they’re in Roon.

I could of course add them manually as favorites in Tidal itself too, but we’re talking about over a thousand songs so that would be a very tedious and time consuming task. Is there any other/easier way to do this ?

Favorites mean different things in Roon and Tidal. Favorites in Tidal are the same thing as “in library” in Roon. Favorites in Roon are metadata on top of being in the library.

So to add a track to a Tidal favorite track, just add the TRACK to the library in Roon. That said if you already have the album in the library I’m not sure if you can add the track specifically or not - adding the album adds the album to Tidal favorite albums, Tidal handles “favorite albums” and “favorite tracks” as separate lists, while Roon treats a favorite track as a 1-track favorite album.

I can confirm if you add the TRACK to the library and THEN add the album to the library, the track will show up in Tidal favorite tracks. I can’t confirm at the moment if you can or can’t add the track to the library if the album is already in it though.

I agree overall, heart/favorite in Roon does need some overhauling. You can’t batch favorite (or tag) items if you multi-select either, which would make the most sense of being able to multi-select anything.

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Thanks for answering!

I’m a bit confused, but I don’t think it works like that for me (either that or we’re talking about different things).

My scenario is this: I have an album that’s already added to my albums in Tidal (and therefore Roon, it handles albums as I want for some reason).

But when I play that album in Roon and heartfavorite a song that song shows up under Tracks in Roon.
It doesn’t show up under Songs in My Music in Tidal however, which I wish it would so I could download My Songs automatically there for offline listening on my phone

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If you have a Tidal album showing in Roon, you may see it for two reasons. You can see it as you browse Tidal. If you just hit the heart icon you are telling the Roon database, “I like this album”. Nothing more. That won’t show up in your view of the album in Tidal.
If you choose to add that album to your library, it will show up as a favorite in Tidal.
I don’t know if this works at the Song level as it does at the album level.
I am pretty sure you can’t download Roon content for offline listening. It can only be streamed. Even though I have a Tidal membership, I have never tried to download a song for offline listening.

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“I don’t know if this works at the Song level as it does at the album level”

It doesn’t for me, hearting a song in Roon does nothing in Tidal. I wish it worked like this: hearting a song in Roon would make it turn up as a favorited track/under songs in Tidal

“I am pretty sure you can’t download Roon content for offline listening. It can only be streamed. Even though I have a Tidal membership, I have never tried to download a song for offline listening”

No, you can’t and that’s okay, I just want there to be a better synchronization between favorited songs in Roon and in Tidal itself.

Hearting songs in Roon is not connected to Tidal it’s purely for your Roon library to mark tracks or albums as favourites so you can easily search or tag them, it is not related to Tidal or Qobuz definition of favourites which is adding music to their respective libraries in their apps. Adding music to and from Tidal or Qobuz in Roon is done purely by add to library which can be done on albums or tracks.

Problem is if the track is already in your library as its been added from an album, you cannot add it to library again so it’s won’t sync back to favourite tracks in Tidal. You have to have added songs as individual tracks first in tofor this to happen. I just added several individual tracks via Roon and they sync back to favourites in Tidal tracks. It’s not what you want but that is currently how it works. Roon really doesn’t have a track, album or artist system like the streaming services do.

I know this system likely works in Audivarna, Sonos and Bluesound apps but they do not have a library that contains both local and streaming music, each service is just a portal into the services and the libraries are separate, Roons is not and thus becomes a more complicated system to manage this side of things. But as the integration thing is Roons big SP I do think their is room for improvement here, your not the first to find Roons shortcomings in this area.

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Interesting, I didn’t know that was possible. It’s not practical in any way, but at least there’s a sort of internal logic in the way Roon/Tidal behaves then.

I agree, better synchronization between Roon and Tidal is pretty high on my wishlist for Roon improvements. F.ex this we’re talking about, an option in the settings to translate heartlikes in Roon to favorited tracks in Tidal would have been great. The same with playlists made in Roon (from Tidal songs) showing up as playlists in Tidal.

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It might be worth adding your “export feature to tidal” to the feature request topic. Developments are ongoing so this may get added to the “to do” list for later implementation.



It definitely seems like since I posted something similar I’ve seen people mention in several other threads a similar set of wishes, so yes, I’d encourage posting in the feature requests. If it seems like a lot of people are requesting similar things I imagine that gets a lot more likely to happen.

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